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View My DNS - DNS Report,IP Neighbors/Sites Hosted Checks and other Webmaster DNS and IP Tools

Welcome to View My DNS , site dedicated to webmasters/server owners to view and check their dns for issues, and also other cool dns and ip tools. View My Dns will try to offer you free Dns Reports / DNS Status checks for as long as feasible. Please support the site by sharing it with the webmaster community and spreading the word about us. We have put in few minor annoying human verification (securimage) checks to prevent hotlinks from other sites. Scripts used here to do dns check etc. are available free of cost from their respective coders. We have just modified them a bit to suite them for our DNS cravings.
Feel free to share your scripts, if it has some nice dns or ip tools features. We will be more than happy to incorporate it.

Right now viewmydns is looking for more scripts to be added. Please suggest some ideas/scripts or donate 1 or 2 scripts to our script bank. To do so please visit :

1.DNS Report (provides dns report of your domain showing warnings and errors that might or might not require fixing ).
2.Sites Hosted ( Sites Hosted provide you with the number of domains/sites that are currently hosted on a particular ip/server, good for those worried about getting hosting from a host with billions of sites already on the server. In other words you can call it IP Neighbor/Neighbour )
3. Is my Website Down ( provides reports/status check on your website/domain and checks if its working or not.